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Hardcore sex story for your enjoyment....



                                          Long Distance Phone Sex
              	I like the way my orgasm feels as it's building from my balls.  Slowly
              - I've nursed this one.  I like the passion of forcing myself to delay 
            cumming.  It is delicious to keep myself from something I want so much that 
           I'm not  waiting for anybody else to give it to me.  I'm interrupted as I feel
            myself  starting to peak, and debating whether to let myself or not, by the 
                                           phone ringing.
              	"Damn" I mutter, thinking that fate has decided for me.  I look at the
           pictures of nude women I have laying open to look at.  That ass is wonderful,
          and I love those nipples.  I wish I could have all of these women in real life.
                       	"Hello" I say, still rubbing my hot, throbbing penis.
                 	"Is Lisa there?"  Oh, joy!  I recognize your soft voice.  The one
            I've had in the back of my mind the whole time I've been fantasizing.  I can
           hear a faint nervous passion in it, as well.  This perks my cock just a little
                    more.  I stop rubbing it, I want this to last a bit longer!
                                         	"Nope.  Just me."
                                        	"Terrence, right?"
                                           	"Yep.  Lisa?"
              	"Yes.  What are you doing?"  I can hear the hopefulness in your voice.
                                 	"Are you sure you want to know?"
               	"OOOOhhhh, if you're doing what I hope you're doing, yes, tell me in
                           detail!"  Definately passion in your voice...
                 	"Until a moment ago, I was laying in bed, naked, stroking my cock
             while I read stories in magazines, looked at pictures of naked women, and
           wished that you would read my mind and call me to hear me talk dirty at you."
                                    	"That's what I was hoping!"
               	"Are you horny?"  I ask, hopefully.  I have a fantasy that I want to
                                           follow up on.
               	"I'm not very horny yet, but I really want to be..."  You say huskily
                                          into the phone.
                	"I will be glad to help!  To do so, I'd like to have you take your
            shoes off, and lay down on your bed.  I'm going to make love to you while we
           both masturbate for ourselves since we can't be there in person.  What are you
               	"I'm wearing jeans and a sweater.  The sweater is soft, loosely knit,
             with a lot of holes that, if I look closely, I can see the black of my bra
                                      strap against my skin."
                           	"Hmmmm.  Sounds delicious...Your shoes off?"
                                  	"Yes.  I'm laying down now..."
              	"Okay, while I tell you what I want to do, you get really comfortable. 
          You might want to lock the door.  I realize that we can't really have sex since
             we're thousands of miles away from each other, but I know that we can have
           orgasms.  And sometimes the best sex is no sex - or rather being given sex by
                someone else.  What I mean is that some of the most fun I've had was
          masturbating that fat woman I told you about.  We were in a car, parked to chat
           with each other, and we started feeling each other up.  I like her breasts and
          nipples, and I know that she likes to watch me stroke my dick.  I sucked on her
           nipples while I stroked on my dick, but I wanted to give her an orgasm.  I've
          gotten a few blow-jobs from her, but never given her an orgasm in return, and I
                             felt that it was damn-well time to do so.
               	"I reached down to her leg, she parted both of them as my hand worked
            my way to her crotch.  My mouth was hungrily sucking on her tits as my eyes
          looked for cars passing by.  Not that we would have stopped what we were doing,
                               we would have just hidden it better.  
                	"My left hand went down to support my body as I moved my right hand
            over to put it between her underwear and her belly.  I thrilled to the first
             touch of her wet pussy as she gasped/sighed in my ear.  I liked the sound,
           knowing that she was getting _Very_ turned on.  I licked at her nipples while
            my finger started to play with her clitoris.  She muttered into my ear about
            how good it felt, so I kept it up.  It didn't take very long before she was
           thrusting her hips at my probing finger, and pulling my face into her chest to
          suck at those wonderful nipples of hers.  I was rock-hard, even though I hadn't
            touched myself in a few minutes, when she came.  She arched her tits firmly
          into my face as her clit rode my finger.  She moaned a bit louldly - telling me
           not to stop.  I didn't want to, but a car came by and we decided we'd better. 
           But I was still hard.  I knew she wanted my prick the moment she laid eyes on
           it, but I was so horny from her orgasm that I came after she stroked it just a
                                         couple of times."
              	I can hear your heavy breathing as I finish my little story, and I like
           knowing that I've turned you on just a bit.  "What I want to do is to have us
           masturbate each other.  More acurately, I want to get you off _BIG_TIME_, but
             using _your_ hands instead of my own.  Knowing what I'm doing to you will
            really get me quite well, you'll know that when you hear my orgasm -shortly
           after I've heard yours.  Are you ready for this?  Are you horny?  do you like
                                             the idea?"
                 	Your voice is trembling just a little as you answer me, "Yes, I'm
                     horny.  I can tell that I'm already starting to get wet!"
               	"Good.  I like knowing that.  When I say that I'm doing something, I
            want you to do it for me.  Like, right now I want to caress your neck, so I
                          need you to rub your neck, caress it for me..."
                               	"Your touch feels good," You tell me.
               	"Good.  You don't have to talk if you don't want to, just let me know
            that you're enjoying yourself, and tell me when you take the phone away from
                   your ear so that I can stop talking until you're back on, OK?"
              	"Your neck feels wonderful to my fingertips.  I like stroking them over
           it, feeling the softness of your skin as I run my hand over it.  The touch of
          your hair on the back of my hand as I look into your eyes, enjoying the passion
              I see reflected in them.  I move my hand down the front of your sweater,
             lightly, outlining the curves of your breast, without touching them firmly
            enough to enjoy their mass.  I move my hand down to your belly, and rest it
          there, massaging for a moment before I move to your hip and caress there.  Your
             body feels so soft, so warm and so alive under me that I want to tear your
                     clothes off.  My cock gets stiffer just thinking about it.
                	"I'm rubbing your belly, your sweater between my hand and your fine
           skin.  I want to see your naked body, filled with passion, but I want also to
           wait.  I move my hand down to the fly of your jeans and rub there for a little
           while, caressing around your hip bones, enjoying the feel of your body beneath
            the jeans.  I want to feel that body, so I move my hand back up, under your
             sweater, to your belly.  I can feel it quivering under my hand.  I rub the
            skin, back and forth, tracing your navel.  I like the way your skin feels to
           my questing fingers.  I move them down to the top of your jeans, working them 
                                          under the cloth.
               	"If I stretch far enough, I can feel pubic hairs.  My cock throbs at
           the touch of your pubes, but I can't touch them well enough.  I unbutton your
            fly, opening your jeans so that I can see your pubic hair, under your black
            silk panties.  I can't see all the way to your pussy, but I can see skin and
          pubic hair within the lace.  It looks so sexy, all I can see of you is a little
          of your belly, and your panties and what I can see through the lace.  The pubic
            hair feels soft and silky as I caress the tufts sticking out from the top of
                                          your underwear.
               	"I can't wait to get to your pussy, but I _have_ to feel your breasts
           first.  I move the hand that was playing with your pubic hairs up to feel your
           breasts through the material of your sweater.  I like their mass, the way they
             feel under my hand.  I can feel your nipples getting hard as I caress your
          breasts.  It feels marvelous.  I'm stroking my cock, just thinking about it.  I
            want to see those wondrous mounds of yours, but I am struck by an idea as I
             start to pull your sweater off.  Instead, I just lift it enough that I can
           remove your bra.

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  As soon as it's off, I start to play with your nipples with
          both hands, rubbing each of them between my thumb and forefinger, moving all of
          my fingers against them quickly, feeling the way they move as each finger comes
          into contact with them; caressing them with the palms of my hands.  I love hard
            nipples poking into the palms of my hands.   MMMMMMmmmmm they feel good.  I
             like stroking my rock-hard penis as I think about rubbing those marvelous
            mamaries of yours.  But I want to see something, first.  I pull your sweater
             back down to see your nipples poking through the knitted holes.  God, that
            makes my cock pulse.  I tweak them through the cloth a little more before I
                can't stand to just look.  I've got to have your sweater off - NOW!"
               	"Just a second," I hear you panting as you lift the sweater over your
           head.  I like that you sound like you're breathing heavy.  "I'm back.  God, my
           nipples are hard.  My pussy is even throbbing, I can feel it as I move my legs
            back and forth.   You've got me very horny!  I can't wait until you make me
                	"I'm working on it.  I just hope that _I_ can hold out until then."
               	"Your sweater is lying on the floor, obscuring the lace bra.  Looking
           just at the bra makes my cock twitch.  I look back at your breasts.  They look
           wonderful to me, round and _very_ hard nipples, poking up from on top.  I take
             my hands and cup your breasts, running my thumbs over your nipples while I
           knead the soft undersides, running my hand back and forth against the skin of
                                            your belly."
              	"MMMMMMmmmm that feels good," you moan.  I can hear your mouth watering
                                         with anticipation.
              	"My cock is starting to drip with pre-cum.  You look so good, and your
          moans just make me want you more.  I keep one hand on your breasts, moving back
          and forth between the two, caressing the nipples, stroking the round sides, and
            enjoying the soft undersides.  The other hand moves down your belly, to your
           pubic hair and starts caressing the top of your mound.  I can't see into your
          pants to see your crotch, but my fingertips can just feel where the skin curves
           down into your clit.  I can't quite touch the clit, but I start moving my hand
           on the skin just above it, under your panties.  I like the heat I feel coming
           off of them.  This all feels so good, I have to stop touching myself, or I'll
                                          cum right here!
               	"Does it feel good, having me touch you?  Your skin is so soft to my
             hands that my head is spinning and my cock is drooling like it was already
                 cumming.  I can't wait to blow my wad - it's going to be awesome.
               	"I take my hand off of your breast.  It's time to take your pants and
                           panties off.  I reach down with both hands..."
                 	"Just a minute, I'm taking them off now," you tell me.  "God, my
           panties are _soaked_!  You've really got me wet.  I can smell my horniness and
            it just makes me hotter.   My nipples are so hard, and my clit wants you to
                                          touch it +NOW+!"
              	"It's going to have to wait a little bit, I want to touch you all over
              first.  I like running my hands up and down the outsides of your thighs,
            reaching around to cup your ass.  I love asses.  Just looking at a good one
          always makes me want to fuck _anything_ with a hole.  I squeeze it for a moment
           before I move my hands back to your thighs.  As soon as my hand starts to move
           to the inside of your thighs, you spread your legs.  Even moving your hips in
            the direction of my hand so that I'll touch your pussy.  I'm not going to do
              that quite yet.  I move my hand down to the bottom of your thigh, on the
           inside, and work my way up untill I'm tickling the pubic hairs around your hot
           pussy.  I can feel the slick wetness from your pussy-juices on your leg.  They
                                    just excite me all the more.
              	"Quickly, I move my hand to your pussy, cupping it in my hand, and not
            moving for a minute.  I tell you to not move, just enjoy having me touch it,
            because you're squirming under my touch.  You comply, and I slowly start to
                              move my whole hand around in a circle.  
                	"I've got my palm on the top of your pubic mound, above the hood to
          your clit.  My middle finger is down near your butt-cheeks; a favorite position
            for it to be, with your pussy lips on either side of it, being gripped by my
           index finger and my ring finger on either side.  I stop moving in circles when
          I get this way, and start moving my hand up and down, the lump at the top of my
           palm where my middle finger starts is sometimes bumping against your clitoris
           as I move up and down.  I'm unhindered by friction, because you are _so_ wet. 
                                        Are you doing this?"
              	"Y- Yes," I can hear that you're distracted, pleasing yourself.  I can
          tell that as you started to speak, you touched your clit again, making you gasp
             right in the middle of your words.  It almost makes me come right then and
                         there to hear that kind of passion in your voice.
               	"Slowly, I start to apply pressure with my middle finger as I move my
              hand up and down.  I circle it around your hole, slipping it in every so
          often.  Each time I put it into you a little deeper, until my hand almost stops
             moving, with that lump right on your clitoris, so that as my middle finger
          moves in and out of your wet pussy, it also rubs against your clit.  I can hear
           you gasping with pleasure.  GOD, I want to stroke my cock, but I know that I'm
           going to cum the moment I touch it - your passion has gotten me _so_ horny, I
                                          can't stand it!"
                 	"I can tell that you're ready for the good stuff now.  I move my
             midle finger all of the way into your pussy, then I crook it so that it's
           rubbing right behind your clitoris.  This might make you feel like you've got
            to go pee, but don't worry, just enjoy the way it feels.  This will quickly
                         turn to pleasure.  It means you're doing it right.
              	"Do you feel it, that pressure building from deep in your gut?  That's
            an orgasm building up for you.  Enjoy that feeling, the more I rub your clit
            and your g-spot (that's what my middle finger is playing with), the more and
             more powerful your orgasm will get.  It feels so good, feeling your pussy
          grabbing at my finger, I want so badly to cum...I'm starting to stroke my cock,
           now.  I can hear your ragged breathing telling me that you're getting close to
           an orgasm.  It feels so good to stroke my cock while I watch you enjoying your
               body.  I love that look on your face.  It is so filled with passion...
                 	"Your hand on your nipple, while your other rubs at your clit and
           g-spot both at the same time looks _so_ sexy!  I'm drooling about it.  My cock
           is, too.  I can feel my own orgasm growing."  I can hear you starting to gasp
            as an orgasm builds within you.  It fires my cock all the more.  I know it's
                                        time for my orgasm. 
               	"Mmmmmmmmm your orgasm is feeling so good building on my fingers!  I
           love the wet feel of your pussy grasping my fingers.  I'm going to come _very_
                             soon, now.  I'm starting to come now...."
              	"Ohhh - ahhh- god! GOD!"  that's as far as I can put your screams into
          words.  Partly because I'm deafened, partly because they get pretty incoherent.
                	"Ohh, Ummmm God, that's good.  MMMMM" I say as cum explodes from my
           cock, bathing me and the bed in the sticky white stuff.  I wish it were you I
                                           was bathing.  
               	I hear your voice from a distance, and I know that you've dropped the
            phone in your passion.  "God that was unbelievable.  Did you come yet?"  It
             takes you a moment to get it out right, you're so wasted from the orgasm.
              	"Yes, I did.  The only thing that could possibly have made it a better
             orgasm would be to have you here, actually giving it to me!  I know you're
                           tired, so I'll let you go and rest.  Love you"
             	I wonder whether or not you're going to put the phone back on the hook. 
           And I'm amazed that no cum got on my magazines.  Almost a little disappointed
              that I don't have a picture of your naked body that I could have enjoyed
                                     looking at while I came...


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